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Jams and Tone Tests

Here are some simple loops and jams that I've done just as tone samples for my various gear. Just foolin' around.

Click and listen:

Trenier Excel

Body and Soul (4,900KB) A multi-tracked duet of my 2011 Trenier Excel, recorded with an AKG C414 over the bridge and a C391 over the end of the fingerboard. Accompaniment and melody lines mixed with only compression. Recorded February 2nd 2012. 

My Funny Valentine (5,800KB) Same setup as above, but with the mic positions swapped. You must know by now, I really like acoustic archtops! Recorded February 5nd 2012. 

Guild X-150

There Is No Greater Love (954KB)  This was recorded direct to my HDR. I added a touch of room reverb in the mix, then just normalized the volume in mastering. Recorded May 12th 2007.

My Romance (874KB) In contrast to the above, this time I plugged the jazzbox into my Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue. I used the normal channel, with treble set to 6 ½ and bass to 4.  It is mic'd with an SM57, and the reverb was added in the mix. Recorded May 12th 2007.

DIY Tweed Deluxe and Fender 2001 AV '62 Stratocaster

Stella By Starlight (1,800KB)  Just the neck pickup of the Strat, using the bright channel of the Deluxe. The amp volume is at 5 ½ and the tone at 6 ½. The guitar volume is low, probably 5-6. You can play jazz on a Strat. The recording was done with an SM57 microphone right in front of the speaker, into my Yamaha AW4416. I added the little reverb during mixing / mastering. Recorded July 4th 2006.

Just Passin' (732KB) Same setup as above.

For Stevie (1,500KB) Using the middle plus neck pickup, and the amp tone up a little to 7 ½ for a bit more zing.

Rock Me Baby (1,300KB) Channels are jumpered together for a bit more gain, normal channel set to 5, bright channel to 4. Middle pickup on the Strat. OK, I wish I was better and I had more range of tones, but this is me. Same mic placement as above.

'65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue and Fender Custom Shop '60 Stratocaster Relic

Freddy (1,100KB) I frequently hear that the DRRI is "too bright" or that the old stock Eminence speakers are terrible and must be replaced immediately. Well here's my 1999 DRRI, stock Eminence speaker and all. This clip is the Normal channel, with volume at five, treble at five, and bass at five. The Strat is on the middle pick-up. I like how you can clearly hear the amp breakup on this one. The recording was done with an SM57 microphone right in front of the speaker, into my Yamaha AW4416, with no effects. Recorded Saturday afternon, April 15, 2006.

Lonnie's Lament (1,700KB) A beautiful melody written by John Coltrane. I didn't change the amp settings from the first clip, just moved the pickup switch to neck plus middle. Recorded April 15, 2006.

Walkin'    (654KB)   This is still the Normal channel, with the volume at five, treble at four and a half, and bass at five. The Strat is using the neck PU. Recorded April 15, 2006.

Wayfarin' Stranger (614KB) This is the Vibrato channel, the same settings as Walkin' but with the vibratro / tremolo on. This is the bridge PU, and this is one way to use it, not just with OD. Recorded April 15, 2006.

I Could Write a Book (590KB) The DRRI can do jazz tones too, even with a Strat. Vibrato channel, volume at five, treble at three, bass at five, neck PU. Recorded April 15, 2006.

'57 Twin RI and Fender Japan '62 Stratocaster RI

Clouds    (1,700KB)    This is my Fender Japan '62 RI Stratocaster plugged into my Fender '57 Low Power Twin Reissue. The Twin tone knobs are set to treble=12, bass=12, and presence=12, that is, all maxed. In this position you get a great "mid-cut" tone that I don't get on any other amp. Amp volume is set to around 4, but the guitar volume is lower, around 5-6. The rhythm part uses the mid+neck PU setting, and is repeating on my Echoplex Pro. The first chorus keeps the same setting for lead, then I go to the neck only and roll off the treble with the guitar tone, then I punch in the Boss BD-2 overdrive. Recorded with a close SM57, and mastered to mono, no reverb or anything. Recorded November 26, 2005.

Imaginary Friend    (1,500KB)    Same Strat and Twin  as above. Recorded November 26, 2005.

Boogie    (1,300KB)    Same Strat and Twin, but with treble, bass, and presence set to 6. Strat set on mid pickup. Where the previous settings are clean and airy, with lots of quack, this one is punchy and direct. Recorded November 26, 2005.

Glass    (1,400KB)    Same Strat and Twin, again, with controls all set back to 12. I'm not tired of it yet! This is a shameless rip-off of one of my favorite composers, Phillip Glass. I moved the mic a bit from the above recording and I think it captures the amp just a bit better. Recorded December 4, 2005.

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